The Company today

Lime Freshmarket is a chain of conveniently located stores throughout the city that provides a new way of grocery shopping.
Lime combined the best retail practice and created a unique way to offer premium fresh food for the customers - who appreciate the reasonable price for the best quality food. First of all, we focus on the freshness, naturalness, quality, comfort and service.

Freshmarket’s name says it all! The foods we offer are always fresh as lime.

50 % of our assortment is fruits, vegetables, chilled meat, fish, dairy products, and other cooked foods. The choice and variety we offer is rather impressive: around 200 kinds of vegetables and fruits and about 600 kinds of dairy products.

We accept Customer Loyalty Discount Cards in our stores. They allow our customers to receive the advertised loyalty price and personal discounts on the food and beverage products from the catalogue, such as alcohol, cakes, pastrie during certain hours.
Despite the fact that St. Petersburg food retail market has a large number of chain holdings, people in the city still have a lack of food stores within walking distance. Over the past two and a half years, we opened about 17 supermarkets in different areas of St. Petersburg. In addition, we began an expansion into other regions of the country, a hypermarket was opened in Vyborg city. We also plan to open some new stores in Moscow and Moscow region. Our plan - 10-15 new Freshmarkets each year.

Lime will make quick, easy daily and family shopping for a few days possible.

Lime Freshmarket is:
  • A perfect combination of democratic prices, fresh food selections and a high level of service in a modern supermarket.
  • A wide range of high quality fruits and vegetables.
  • A great selection of fresh food, including delicious meat and fish, elite cheeses, exotic dried fruits, vegetables and just fruits, as well as plenty of home-cooked meals.
  • Using only natural raw materials for cooking our own culinary products.
  • Fast turnover of food products.
  • The culinary department that offers salads and main courses.
  • A comfortable shopping environment and friendly service.
  • A guarantee of high quality products.
  • A pleasant shopping atmosphere.
  • An ultramodern design.
  • Comfortable and safe work conditions, decent and stable wages for its employees.

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